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Thursday, Oct 1, 2009

County: Humphreys

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Raymond Travis

A McEwen youth football coach faces a charge of bestiality and is also at the center of a child rape investigation.

According to a warrant, during a police interview on a child rape allegation, Raymond Travis volunteered to show investigators his cell phone, which featured images of bestiality.

Travis faces a single count of bestiality. Investigators have not yet commented on the specific nature of the images, nor the child rape allegation.

Police said Travis wasn't the person in the bestiality photos on his cell phone, but police won't elaborate what was in the pictures.

Police said they aren't ruling out other victims from other families. Travis has been a coach for the McEwen Warriors Junior Pro team for a few years.

McEwen police are working with a Humphreys County detective on the case. The Department of Children's Services is also involved in the investigation.

Travis is divorced and shares custody of his son with his ex-wife.

Police expect to release more information and possibly announce additional charges within the next week. He is not a registered sex offender, and police said there's no indication he's been in trouble with the law before.

He is out of jail and will be in court at the end of the month.


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