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Case ID: 17132
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: cat
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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010

Disposition: Open
Case Images: 3 files available

Person of Interest: Male

A man was being hunted last night after filming himself killing two kittens in a home-made execution chamber - and posting the horrific video online.

The monster, thought to be British, is seen suffocating the cute animals in a vacuum bag.

The fiend puts them in the transparent container, and zips it shut before connecting a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

He went on to upload the sickening footage to YouTube, but staff have removed it.

Animal lovers were last night on a global internet hunt to track him down after he revealed himself fleetingly.

The brute is seen in a blue hoodie and with a floppy hair fringe. The video is filmed in a grotty room where the bed has a bizarre wolf duvet cover.

Members of a Facebook group "Find The Vacuumer" believe he is British. One told The Sun: "The vacuum bags are ones used in Europe, and and the room's surroundings have a British look to them."

Animal cruelty campaign PETA said it was "actively following up leads". The RSPCA also vowed to prosecute if the man is traced to the UK.

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