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Case ID: 17120
Classification: Other
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Sep 10, 2010

County: Worcester

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: David T. Madura

A 44-year-old man is being summoned on an animal cruelty charge after veterinarians allegedly discovered a foreign object had been inside his dog for at least nine months.

David T. Madura, 28 Pearl St., first-floor apartment, will be arraigned Dec. 29 in Dudley District Court.

On Sept. 10, according to a police report, Officer Aaron Suss was contacted by the Webster Animal Hospital on East Main Street.

The veterinarian had first examined the dog, Bella, in December 2009. The young mixed-breed pet had suffered from symptoms associated with it not being spayed.

At that time, Dr. Rachel Kupcinskas said she warned Mr. Madura about risks to the dog, including death, if he didn't get the dog spayed. Mr. Madura said he couldn't afford the surgery.

On Sept. 10, the dog was taken back to the vet because it was lethargic, not eating and was bleeding, the report said.

Dr. Diane Quisenberry, who owns the animal hospital, told Mr. Madura the dog was going to die if she didn't get spayed.

Mr. Madura said he was able to get his uncle to pay for the care.

After the surgery, the dog was examined and the foreign object was found. According to Dr. Quisenberry, she told Mr. Madura the police would be contacted.

The object had been inside Bella since some time before the previous visit, the veterinarian said. It was identified in an X-ray taken Dec. 10, 2009. Initially, the object was mistaken for an air pocket, the report said.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston's Law Enforcement Department assisted in the investigation.

Dr. Quisenberry was told to keep Bella until a suitable foster home could be located through the Animal Rescue League.

Mr. Madura lives with his son, girlfriend, aunt and uncle.

According to his aunt, as the dog's condition worsened. Mr. Madura had tied the dog outside to the porch overnight, the report said.

His aunt told investigators Mr. Madura only took the dog for medical care after she gave him an ultimatum.


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