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Case ID: 17040
Classification: Throwing
Animal: cat
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Thursday, Dec 2, 2010

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Grant Herlbert

A man has admitted killing a 14-week-old kitten by raising it above his head and throwing it to the floor several times.

Grant Herlbert, 26, of St John's Road, Gillingham, appeared before Medway magistrates charged with animal cruelty. He has also pleaded guilty to two counts of assault, including one on a police officer, criminal damage and possession of cannabis.

Herlbert was arrested on December 2. The court heard how he had argued with his girlfriend, Gabrielle Delo -who gave him the kitten as a present - and then went on a six-hour drinking session with his friends.

He returned to the house he shared with his girlfriend and her family at about 7pm, but his girlfriend wasn't home. He went into the kitchen and Gabrielle's brother heard two loud thuds. The brother then witnessed Herlbert holding the kitten above his head with both hands and throwing it on the floor.

Herlbert then assaulted another member of Gabrielle's family as he was forced to leave the house. Police tracked him down a short time later in a nearby shop and he was arrested.

During the commotion Herlbert wiped mucus from his nose and his face onto the arresting police officer's jacket - at the centre of the police officer assault charge - and when he was put inside the police Land Rover he reacted by kicking out the window.

Defending, Haveena Philpott said Herlbert was thoroughly ashamed of his actions and accepts his behavior was appalling.

She added: "Mr Herlbert cannot remember anything about the incident. When he was informed by police what he had been arrested for he could not believe it."

Chairman of the bench Gerald Bartlett said: "This is a case of mindless, gratuitous and grotesque violence."

The case has been adjourned for sentencing until January 10.


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