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Case ID: 16803
Classification: Shooting, Hanging
Animal: cat
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Monday, Oct 25, 2010

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A defenceless cat lost several of its nine lives when it was held down, shot three times in the face, and nearly hanged in an 'evil' execution-style attack branded by a vet as the worst ever case of animal cruelty.

These shocking x-ray images show the airgun pellets lodged in Jessie's skull after the savage assault.

Stunned vets also found ligature marks on her neck and discovered her tongue had turned black - all telltale signs the vile attacker had tried to hang her.

To add insult to to her horrific injuries, the family's other pet moggy Lilo had been shot in the leg just two days earlier.

Owners John and Dawn Morvan, who can't believe Jessie survived after being left partially deaf and blind, have released the pictures in the hope of finding the culprit.

Bus driver John, 46, said: 'This was sheer evil.

'It doesn't matter whether you like animals or not, it doesn't give anyone the right to do something as disgusting as this.

'After she was treated for the pellet wounds she came back home but went downhill again so we took her back to the vets and he found ligature marks on her neck and a black blood clot on her tongue.

'These marks had taken a couple of days to appear and they proved that they had tried to hang her as well - it's beyond belief.'

The family have had to pay for a £1,600($2,589 US) vet bill, taken out of their Christmas budget, and will have to pay out more as Jessie's treatment continues.

Until recently the cats had been house cats and it was only a few days before the callous attacks that they had been allowed to wander outside.

Lilo was shot in the leg during the first attack at around 4pm on October 23 and then Jessie stumbled home just after midnight two days later - on animal-lover Dawn's 42nd birthday - with air rifle wounds in her neck, ear and face.

The poor feline suffered nerve damage and facial paralysis, is deaf in one ear and may possibly be blind in one eye.

The mother-of-two, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, said: 'When Lilo came home we thought it could have been an accident but with Jessie, it was completely different. She was covered in blood.

'My son Andrew found her coming up the street, absolutely caked in blood, she was in a right mess. I knew exactly what had happened as soon as I saw her.

'When a pellet hits an animal it makes a perfectly round hole and takes the hair into the wound with it. Then you have a risk of infection which is very bad.'

Vet Daniel Lyons, of Chantry Vets, who carried out a painstaking two-hour operation to remove the pellets from Jessie, said it was 'without a doubt' the most shocking animal cruelty case he'd seen.

Mr Lyons said: 'If you shot a cat once it would run away, so it must have been incapacitated or, which is even more blood-curdling, two people were involved and one held her down. This is wicked.

'This cat is lucky to be alive but I'm not sure if nerve function or hearing will ever come back. The prognosis does not look good.'

Carer Dawn said: 'This is definitely the worst case I've ever seen, I think this is absolutely disgusting, they have held her down.

'It makes you wonder if this is what they could do to animal what could they to another person that crossed them, they are twisted.

'Hopefully she is going to live, if she carries on eating and drinking, but she has been permanently damaged by the attack.

'They held a gun right up to her ear and burst her ear drum, its disgusting.'

PC Justin Hayward, of the neighbourhood investigation unit, said: 'Incidents of this nature are extremely distressing for the owner and we take it very seriously.

'This was a nasty attack on two family pets and we will fully investigate both incidents to ensure the culprits are caught.'

Following the traumatic chain of events Dawn is having a large pen built in the garden, allowing the cats to play outside in safety.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Crimestoppers anonymously
0800 555111

Case Updates

Animal lovers from across the globe have been touched by the plight of Jessie the cat " shot three times in the face by thugs who then tried to hang her.

Jessie was left partially blind and deaf and has airgun pellets lodged in her skull after the execution attempt in Wakefield last month " the worst case of animal cruelty ever seen by the vet who treated her.

Animal lovers from across the globe have been touched by the plight of Jessie the cat " shot three times in the face by thugs who then tried to hang her.

Jessie was left partially blind and deaf and has airgun pellets lodged in her skull after the execution attempt in Wakefield last month " the worst case of animal cruelty ever seen by the vet who treated her.

Jessie only just survived after undergoing operations which cost owners John and Dawn Morvan more than £1,700.

They launched a Facebook group 'justiceforjessie' in a bid to help gather information to trace the thugs who tried to execute Jessie.

The site detailed Jessie's fight for life and now has than 200 members from the UK and from as far afield as Florida, California and Hawaii.

Animal charity PETA has offered a £1,000 reward for information that leads to the prosecution of to those responsible for Jessie's horrific injures.

A woman from France French donated £50 to help pay the Morvan's vets bill and a woman from Northampton donated a further £100.

And, after reading of the attack in the YEP last month, an 80-year-old woman from Alwoodley, Leeds, sent in a cheque for £300 for the Morvans.

The pensioner, who didn't want to be named, said: "The cat suffered such great cruelty at the hands of unspeakable sadists. I was so moved by the report.

"The couple did a great job saving her. They could so easily have saved a large bill by having the cat put to sleep."

Bus driver Mr Morvan, 46, said: "We are not rich by any means and the vet's bill destroyed our Christmas.

"If I had to re-mortgage the house I would have done to help Jessie because she is part of the family. We are so grateful to this lady " it's amazing how kind some people can be."

The dad-of-three added: "Jessie has been amazing. She will never be fully right but she is out of danger and is eating well and playing again."

Suzanne Barnard of PETA, said: "Animal abusers are cowards."

Anyone with information about the attack should call West Yorkshire Police on 0845 6060606 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.
Source: - Dec 4, 2010
Update posted on Dec 4, 2010 - 12:41PM 


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