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Case ID: 16730
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull), captive exotic, marine animal (wild), marine animal (pet)
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Sunday, Nov 1, 2009

County: Pasco

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Alleged

» John Zackrie Suber
» Jessica M. Williams

Neighbors complaining at Countryside Square villas about pet snakes roaming free led to Thursday's arrest of a 19-year old man on a cruelty to animals charge.

John Zackrie Suber, of 19352 Owensboro Road, was picked up on a felony warrant Thursday afternoon by Dade City Police.

Suber, according to police reports, had allowed his pet snakes to roam free and had apparently abandoned one inside his sister's home at 38101 Countryside Place for some time.

On Nov. 9, police investigated a neighbor's complaints about a nearly 7-foot snake being in her back yard. The woman's dog had led her to the red tail boa, a report states.

Several neighbors told police that the residents of one of the villas allowed their animals, including up to six dogs, to run loose in the neighborhood.

Police had been to the property several times before but couldn't catch up with the residents. On this day, they entered the home through an unlocked side door, according to a report, and in an aquarium discovered a second large red tail boa that appeared to be "very underfed and had something wrong with its mouth," the report stated. The aquarium seemed too small for the snake and the snake lay atop a mound of feces.

A local trapper who was called out caught the snake outside, then examined the one in the cage and said it was in such bad condition it had to be euthanized, a police report said.

The following day, animal control officials took custody of the snake and a malnourished Chihuahua-terrier mix. The dog's bones were showing through and it had mange, officials said.

Three goldfish and three frogs were also removed from the home.

The home, owned by Suber's sister Jessica Williams, had no electricity or running water; it was urine soaked and feces was all over the home, reports said.

Police caught up with Suber a week later. He told a police officer that he took in the snakes for a friend, and that one was skinny but he was nursing it back to health. He fed the snake found in the cage a rat every two weeks, but most recently the boa refused to eat one.

Suber told police he had no idea how the other snakes got outside.

After obtaining a warrant for his arrest on a cruelty to animals charge, police once again caught up with him Thursday and took him into custody.

Suber, 19352 Owensboro Road, Dade City, is being held at the Land O' Lakes Jail with bail set at $1,000.

Williams, now 21, was arrested Nov. 18 on a cruelty to animals charge.


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