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Case ID: 16685
Classification: Theft
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Monday, Oct 18, 2010

County: Dubuque

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Joseph Charles Johnson, II

The first dog stolen from the Dubuque Regional Humane Society earlier this week, Diamond, has been found and safely returned.

According to the Dubuque Police Department, Diamond, a 9-month-old American pit bull terrier, was stolen on Monday.

A second pit bull terrier, 1-year-old Shanti, was stolen on Tuesday. Shanti was found Wednesday at 572 1/2 West Fifth Street in Dubuque. Joseph Charles Johnson II, 19, of that address, was charged with fifth-degree theft of the animal on Wednesday. He was already in the Dubuque County Jail on a speeding and interference arrest Tuesday night.

The department said charges are pending in the taking of Diamond, but had no further information.


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