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Case ID: 16497
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010

County: Sumner

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Aubrey Stoll is part of a Weimaraner rescue group. She and others in the group rehabilitate those who are abused and abandoned.

Her latest case is also one of the worst. "Appeared to have been shot probably in the back leg, went through that leg and got into his front leg and into his chest."

Ernie can barely walk, his back leg is shattered. The Sumner County Sheriff's Office say he was shot with a shotgun.

"Dogs are innocent most of the time and somebody just takes out their anger on these dogs and he probably was just on the receiving end."

Investigators say Ernie got loose Tuesday night in Wellington, his caretaker heard a gunshot then saw Ernie limping down the street.

Several eyewitnesses heard gunfire but no one saw the shooter.

"His wounds were bandaged because he was still bleeding," says Gary Oehmke.

On Friday, veterinarian Gary Oehmke prepares to repair Ernie's leg.

Pellets from the gun shot are scattered throughout his body and most can't be removed but Oehmke doesn't think he will have to amputate.

Veterinarians at the El Paso Animal Clinic say Ernie was lucky he was only shot in the leg but even with surgery it will still take at least three months to recover.

"You wonder how they go through that amount of time and that amount of pain and come out of it okay," says Stoll.

Ernie's owner has relinquished ownership to Aubrey.

Once he recovers she'll work on finding him a new home with his loving demeanor aubrey says that won't be hard.

The surgery will cost several thousand dollars, most of which is covered by the rescue group but Aubrey says Ernie will still need help.

Investigators with Sumner County Sheriff's Office say they have a pretty good idea where the shot came from, but proving that could be challenging.


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