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Case ID: 1605
Classification: Bestiality
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Dec 31, 2002

County: Lancaster

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Romona Anglemyer

A woman who worked as a dancer at the exotic dance club Mataya's Babydolls was found guilty Thursday of performing sex acts with a dog. Her conviction on the misdemeanor charge is the latest wrinkle in the ongoing saga of the now-defunct dance club whose owner is awaiting trial on federal weapons charges.  
Police have made numerous arrests of dancers for violating the city's nudity ordinance at the club, owned by John S. Ways Jr.

Earlier this year, federal authorities searched the business at 5620 Cornhusker Highway and uncovered a cache of weapons -- complete with explosive projectiles, launcher and homemade bombs -- that led to some of the federal charges.

In January, Lincoln police searched the business and confiscated several locally made videos of people performing sex acts with animals.

They cited Romona Anglemyer, 31, of Lincoln, and in February cited Ways with violating the same law. He was never formally charged.

Anglemyer was found guilty Thursday following a two-day trial before Lancaster County Judge Gale Pokorny. She will be sentenced Aug. 29, on the charge, which carries a maximum penalty of three months jail and a $500 fine.

Two other people caught on the tapes live in Kansas, and investigators turned over the investigation to authorities there, said Capt. Doug Srb. Another woman was identified but not cited because she cooperated with authorities, he said.

Police never were able to identify two other women on the tapes, Srb said.

Mataya's has been closed since May, Srb said. About two weeks ago, the owners of the building arranged to have the sign taken down, he said.


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