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Case ID: 1602
Classification: Bestiality
Animal: horse
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Tuesday, Jul 15, 2003

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Tuncay Ozcan

A cook spotted carrying out a sex act on a pony ran home without his clothes - then rang police to say he'd been mugged, a court heard yesterday. Married Tuncay Ozcan, 24, was caught by a dog walker who returned to his car and switched on the lights - to see the pervert pleasuring himself with one hand while assaulting the pony with the other.

Startled Ozcan fled in panic, leaving behind a pile of clothing. It included a jacket containing his wallet and identification.

He arrived home wearing only green boxer shorts and told his shocked wife he had been attacked. To back up his story, he rang 999 and claimed three men had demanded money as he returned from a nightclub.

Prosecutor Richard Wilcox said: "In order to be able to get away more quickly he said he had taken off all his clothes and run home." Disbelieving officers linked him to his crime through DNA tests.

And yesterday a court heard the night of shame had humiliated him and wrecked his marriage. Ozcan, who works in a fish and chip shop, struck on common ground on which horses are grazed in Southampton.

He hung his head in shame as the city's Crown Court heard the three-year-old Welsh pony called Rose was good natured before that attack, but was now "nervous and skittish".

Mr Wilcox then described how the dog walker was "extremely shocked" when he turned on his lights and saw Ozcan.

Mr Wilcox said: "Rose was tightly tethered to a tree with only two feet of slack. Standing at the back of the horse was Ozcan wearing only a pair of green boxers.

"Ozcan then took flight and ran off over the grass field leading to nearby tower blocks.

"The witness noticed a pile of clothes on the ground at the back of the horse. He flagged down a police car. In an abandoned jacket was a wallet with identification belonging to Ozcan. Simultaneously police took a call from Ozcan saying he had been attacked."

David Jenkins, defending, said Ozcan had become "close" to horses during his Turkish upbringing and liked to ride them in the field. Mr Jenkins added: "These matters are highly embarrassing.

"As a result his marriage has broken down. He apologizes and says it won't happen again."

Ozcan admitted outraging public decency and was given a 12-month community rehabilitation order.

Judge David L Griffiths told him: "I still do not know why you behaved in this way. Obviously drink played its part but there may well be, indeed probably is, some underlying problem."


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