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Case ID: 14704
Classification: Throwing
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Oct 7, 2008

County: Bristol

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Timothy J. Silva

Police use Taser on man after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and her two children, and threw a dog into an entertainment center at their home at 626 Charles St. Tuesday.

Timothy J. Silva, 34, of that address, is charged with attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, cruelty to an animal, resisting arrest, two counts of domestic assault and battery and three counts each of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

Police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Mauretti said Officer David Gouveia was told by the woman's 14-year-old daughter that Silva was upstairs with a knife.

Police ran upstairs and found Silva and several other people on the landing. Police said he appeared to be fighting with a dog as his girlfriend tried to get the dog away from him, Mauretti said.

"He refused to comply with police and began to go upstairs to fight with neighbors," Mauretti said. "He was ordered to show his hands and come downstairs, but he refused. He then was Tased by (Gouveia) after he refused to comply with several commands."

He was taken into custody.

Police were told that earlier, Silva allegedly punched his girlfriend's 13-year-old son in the mouth and began to choke him, Mauretti said. "The sister jumped on (Silva's) back to pull him off her brother, and she was thrown to the ground," he said.

When their mother intervened, she was put in a "choke hold and he began to punch her," Mauretti said.
Neighbors tried to assist the woman, and some of them allegedly were assaulted by Silva, he reported.

"As he began to punch and kick everyone, he grabbed the dog and threw it across the room into the entertainment center," Mauretti said.

Police were told Silva then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and "tried to go after people with the knife, but was disarmed by the daughter," Mauretti said.

The girl suffered a cut hand. She, her brother and their mother were treated at St. Anne's Hospital for their injuries.
Silva was taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital to be checked as is standard departmental procedure whenever someone is Tased.

Mauretti said a restraining order was secured to keep Silva away from the woman and her children. The state Department of Social Services also is investigating.


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