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Case ID: 146
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat
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Saturday, Aug 1, 1998

County: San Diego

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Nola Chastang

Nola Chastang, (AKA Nola Jean Ramsey), who ran San Diego Animal Rescue service in her Northhill Terrace home, has been charged with suspicion of animal cruelty. Over 160 ill or starving cats, and one dog have been seized. 3 of the cats were so ill they were immediately euthanized. Many of the cats are suffering from feline leukemia, respiratory disease and skin problems.

Neighbors complained to animal control officers in August, and consequrently 33 sick cats were taken out then, an additional 29 were taken in a follow-up investigation in September. That case has not been resolved. On December 23, 1998 the remainder of the cats were removed from the home.

Chastang was charged with 62 counts of California Penal Code 597.1 (Animal Neglect) and 38 counts of San Diego County Code 62.683 (Harboring animals with injuries/communicable diseases) under file number C193196.

She pled Guilty (2-18-99) to 10 misdemeanor counts of CPC 597.1 with the other charges dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

The penalty imposed was:

- 3 years Probation without supervision (expired 2-18-02)
- 232 hours volunteer work
- 90 days confinement (suspended) (the 90 day confinement was listed on 9 of the 10 line items)
- $100 fine
- 4th Amendment Waiver
- Psychological Evaluation


  • The San Diego Union Tribune 12/24/1998

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