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Case ID: 14372
Classification: Unclassified
Animal: cat
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Prosecutor(s): Stefana Antonescu
Judge(s): C.H. Rehm

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Wednesday, Oct 24, 2007

County: Los Angeles

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Scott Allen Atkinson

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

A man faces a possible state prison term after pleading no contest to killing her girlfriend's cat following an argument, the District Attorney's Office announced today.

On May 2, Scott Allen Atkinson, 45, was convicted of one count of making criminal threats and one count of intentional cruelty to an animal. Two other counts were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Atkinson is due back for sentencing July 31 at Los Angeles Superior Court, Department 127.

The defendant killed "Tweety," a black-and-white cat, in October 2007 after he and his girlfriend argued outside their apartment, according to police reports. After the verbal exchange, the defendant allegedly went back inside the apartment and came back out sometime later, telling the girlfriend, "follow the blood trail to find Tweety."

While Atkinson contended that he found the cat dead and put its body in a dumpster behind the apartment building, police found blood on the walls of the apartment and in the bathtub. The cat's body was never recovered.

Deputy District Attorney Stefana Antonescu said Atkinson faces two years in state prison.

Case Updates

A Los Angeles man who pleaded no contest to animal cruelty for killing his girlfriend's cat and to making a threat to his girlfriend's adult daughter was sentenced today to two years in state prison.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge C.H. Rehm imposed the term on Scott Allen Atkinson, now 46, who entered his no contest plea May 2 to the two felony charges.

Authorities said Atkinson killed his girlfriend's black-and-white cat on Oct. 24, 2007, after the couple argued, then told her to "follow the blood trail to find Tweety."

Atkinson told his girlfriend's daughter that he had killed her mother's cat and threatened to kill her mother, according to Deputy District Attorney Stefana Antonescu.

Atkinson's girlfriend called 911, and police found blood in the apartment. But the cat's body was never found.
Source: Contra Costa Times - Aug 13, 2008
Update posted on Aug 13, 2008 - 11:10PM 


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