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Case ID: 13726
Classification: Throwing
Animal: cat
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Thursday, Jan 11, 2007

Disposition: Dismissed (Conditional)

Person of Interest: Frank Jobin

A man who confined his spouse for hours in their Walker Avenue home and later followed her to the Simcoe Street methadone clinic brandishing a buck knife pleaded guilty yesterday [May 2, 2008]. Frank Jobin entered pleas to possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, assault and unlawful confinement in Ontario Court of Justice on the day of his trial.

The 59-year-old sat on a chair, a 2-by-4 board in his hand, and blocked the door preventing his common law spouse from leaving their apartment on Jan.11, 2007, Crown attorney Jim Hughes said.

Jobin unlawfully confined the woman for about four hours, court heard.

Later that night the woman was putting her six-year-old daughter to bed when Jobin kicked open the bedroom door, grabbed a kitten by the neck and threw it, court heard.

The dispute moved to the kitchen where Jobin grabbed the woman by the throat and pinned her against the wall.

"The children were aware of what was happening," Hughes said. "The daughter witnessed part of the assault."

The next day, the woman entered the First Step Methadone Clinic on Simcoe Street with her two young children, telling a nurse she feared her husband was following her, court heard.

The woman and her children were taken to a room in the back of the clinic. During that time, another patient spotted Jobin outside the clinic brandishing a black knife, Hughes said.

The woman and kids were let out a back door and ran away, while police arrested Jobin nearby, court heard.

City police refused to tell the public Jobin's name at the time of his arrest, categorizing the incident as a domestic dispute.

Defence lawyer Dave McFadden requested a pre-sentence report and Mr. Justice Rhys Morgan adjourned the case to July 24 for sentencing.

The Crown will seek a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail depending on the report, Hughes said.

The victim sat in the courtroom's front row crying while Hughes read the statement of facts.

The Crown withdrew Jobin's other charges including assault with a weapon, animal cruelty and threatening death in exchange for his pleas.


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