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Case ID: 13224
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Friday, Feb 22, 2008

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Lisa Myers got a call from her screaming daughter saying the family dog had been shot.

She asked her daughter to make sure.

Myers didn't believe such a thing could happen in her small community of Central Lot 16.

"I just think it's pretty sick," she says.

She's chatting in her kitchen where the German shepherd Pacey limps around - one of her hind legs had to be amputated in surgery.

"I could just cry looking at her," says a relative who's visiting.

"It's sad to see your family pet like that," Myers agrees.

Mallory Reeves, the 10-year-old daughter who called Myers late last Friday afternoon, had been home with twin sister Madison, stepsister Kendall Paugh and teenage sister Alexandra Reeves. Mallory heard a gunshot and spotted the scared animal running home.

Neighbours helped the girls wrap up the wounded pet.

Myers' husband-to-be, Corey Paugh, arrived home before she did and rushed with a neighbour to get the dog help.

"I just picked her up, carried her to the car and took her to the vet," he explained.

Myers arrived home with three-year-old Colton to find the basement covered in blood and the children crying.

Pacey, who had been shot in the knee, spent Friday to Tuesday at the vet. Her leg was amputated at the hip.

"I'd just like to see whoever it was caught," says Paugh, who points out children could have been in danger if they had been in the area at the time.

Myers feels angry this happened to her pet and her family. She's already taken a week off work to be with the children after school.

"They're terrified," she says.

Pacey herself has turned into a nervous animal and can't spend time with the other family dog right now. Myers and Paugh, who have a wedding planned for March, say the vet bill already totals close to $1,200.

The RCMP says they're investigating the complaint; they have leads but didn't want to disclose other details.

"It just kind of crosses your mind: who did it, and why, and could it happen again?" Myers says


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