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Case ID: 12210
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (pit-bull), reptile
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Thursday, Aug 30, 2007

County: Kern

Disposition: Not Charged

Person of Interest: Brandon Bristol

Police respond to calls of a disturbance Thursday morning -- and find disturbing conditions inside a Bakersfield home. The incident eventually leads to a child being removed from the home, and several separate investigations.

Bakersfield police say the situation is actually not so unusual. Thursday, officers were called to Sixth and "N" Streets. "The report was the man yelling in the street, possibly armed with a stick or pipe," Sgt. Greg Terry told Eyewitness News.

It was after officers got inside the man's house that they found serious problems. "There were just animals in the house, and it was unsuitable for living conditions." said Sgt. Orbin Love.

Police identified the man as 36-year-old Brandon Bristol, and say he apparently lived in the house with his wife and a 13-year-old child. That child was at school at the time of the investigation, but was taken into protective custody.

Meanwhile, at the house -- Bakersfield Animal Control officers were also called out. They removed several pit bull dogs. Sgt. Terry says a snake and iguana were also found at the house. Animal Control officers provided food for those animals -- but left them at the house.

But, police also called out the Code Enforcement office. "They'll also conduct a separate investigation into the conditions of the house," said Sgt. Love.

Bristol was arrested at the house on charges of child endangerment. But, that also started yet another investigation -- plus the criminal process.

"They'll now go for the criminal charges," said Sgt. Love. "And Child Protective Services will get involved and they'll conduct their own, separate investigation into the conditions of the house."

Sgt. Terry says the man's wife may also face child endangerment charges. At last word, police were still looking for her.

Sgt. Terry says it's not that unusual that officers will find un-inhabitable or dangerous living conditions -- and remove children to protective custody.


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