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Case ID: 10921
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Monday, Feb 12, 2007

County: New London

Disposition: Alleged
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Abuser names unreleased

Sunny has a new name and a new temporary home. Now, she just needs a new pacemaker for her weak heart.

The 12-year-old, mixed breed dog weighed 20 pounds less than what she is supposed to weigh -- 50 to 60 pounds -- and had 30 pounds of matting and feces on her fur when she was picked up from a Norwich man's home. Sunny, who has congestive heart failure, takes 25-milligram pills of the prescription drug Lasix twice a day for her condition and is also deaf.

For years, Sunny had been tied up in a back yard, and if it wasn't for some concerned neighbors, she wouldn't have been fed or rescued recently by the city.

Now, her temporary caretaker, Susan Ponder, is helping to raise $3,000 for a pacemaker for Sunny. Animal activists have raised about $300 so far.

Despite the alleged abuse she endured, Sunny -- whose real name is unknown -- is a mellow, sweet-natured dog who enjoys socializing and still has the energy to jump and play.

"When other dogs challenge her, she turns her face away, which means she's submissive," Ponder said.

Ponder, who thinks Sunny is a mix of chow and husky, said the dog is housetrained.

Ponder is trying not to let Sunny gain too much weight before her surgery because that would put undue strain on her weak heart. The dog still has significant hollows in her lower body near her hind legs.

"This guy must be abusive to people, too, if you can do that to an animal," Ponder said.

Norwich Animal Control Officer Michelle Kellough said she plans to charge the dog's previous owner with animal cruelty, but she has not been able to locate the person. She said the dog was rescued about three weeks ago.

Ponder said, according to the dog's medical records, it looks like Sunny was rescued in early February.

Ponder said Sunny would need a month to recuperate from her surgery.


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