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Case ID: 10229
Classification: Other
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Thursday, Nov 30, 2006

County: Laramie

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Larry Maddox

Larry Maddox is disabled. but he says that does not interfere with his everyday life. He says a big part of that everyday life is his dog Jeez. Tonight, Jeez is in the custody of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and Larry Maddox wants him back.

"I need him .I love him he sleeps with me," says Maddox.

"I haven't slept yet, I cant. It's like someone comes in and steals your loved one. he's my loved one," says Maddox.

Whether Jeez was stolen or rescued is now in a judge's hands. On Nov 30, Maddox says his dog was patrolling this hallway when a worker from his apartment tried to get through.

"I grabbed him from back, back here in the fleshy area," says Maddox.

While Maddox says he didn't hurt the dog, the woman who signed a ticket said Maddox dragged the dog by the ears, and she said that was enough to call animal control. Maddox says he didn't drag the dog by the ears, but he has pinched the dog's ears before.

"If pinching the dog's ear is a crime, then i am a criminal," says Maddox.

Now Maddox faces trial, charged with animal cruelty. Maddox says he doesn't want a trial. he wants his dog. and he says if the apartment complex wants a fight, no matter how hurt he is, he's gonna give em one.

NewsChannel 5 did speak with the woman who says she saw the whole thing. She says this is not the first time they have witnessed this animal being mistreated. Maddox adamantly denies this, and says this is the apartment complex's way of forcing him out.


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